The basics

Health and safety issues

What is the maximum weight a diver can have, are there some kind of restrictions?

Although our equipment is designed and intended for much larger loads, the maximum weight limit allowed for tandem jumpers is 100 kg.

If you weigh more than a 100 kg and you want to perform a tandem skydiving jump, please contact us to discuss and possibly arrange your jump.

The minimum weight is not defined.

How long will my tandem jump last?

For your tandem skydiving experience you need approximately one hour.

The plane ride will take approximately 20 minutes, depending on the height of the jump, but this is also a panoramic flight during which you will have a beautiful view looking at the area over which we fly and jump. The visibility from 3000m (when the weather conditions are good) goes up to 250 km.

What should I wear for the tandem jump?

Sports clothing and a pair of firm, closed footwear, anything that you feel comfortable in.

Don’t wear anything that can fall off, we won’t be able to catch it in the air:)

For safety and health reasons absolutely everyone must wear closed shoes.

You can wear your glasses / lenses. We’ll give you the over glass goggles which fit over your glasses and lenses. Just please inform the instructor that you’re wearing glasses or lenses.

Can I be on the plane if I’m not the one jumping?

Because of safety reasons, ONLY THOSE WHO JUMP and have parachute CAN BE on the plane. And once the door is opened, everyone (except the pilot of course) must come out. Therefore, we cannot bring observers. But hey, we’ll have a first hand record of every detail from the tandem jump, so everyone will be able to see it afterwards.

What is the lowest and the highest permissible age limit?

The lowest and highest permissible age for a tandem skydiving jump are not clearly defined. If you are under 18, you must have a written and signed permission from your parents.

What should I bring to the tandem jump?

Only good will and a smile (for the camera also:)). We will provide everything else, meaning – the suits, goggles, helmet, plane, tandem instructor, harness, gloves, briefing, experience and a feeling of safety. 🙂

Can I eat before the tandem jump?

Of course, just don’t overeat, eat normally. The tandem jump should not make you sick.

Is it necessary to undergo a medical check-up before the tandem skydive?

No, you do not have to go through a medical check-up, given that the whole jump is under the control of your tandem instructor, who takes care of you and your safety.

What if I'm afraid of heights and flying?

The usual fear of heights that you feel when you are on the top of a skyscraper or staring down from a tall building or from a cliff is very different from skydiving. The perception of height with tandem skydiving is completely different from the “ordinary” one and they can’t be compared.

What if the parachute does not open?

Hmm… then you have a problem. Just kidding! 🙂 For real, the parachute is like any other technical device that works on the principle of certain physical laws, and if you thought it was a matter of luck whether the parachute opens or not – then you are wrong!

Can you breathe during the freefall?

Yes of course you can. Breathe normally through the nose or mouth, as you usually do or breathe as you usually don’t, either way – breathe. The air will be fresher than ever before!

Is tandem skydiving safe?

Tandem parachute jump is the safest way to experience free fall and parachuting. You jump with an experienced and specially trained parachute tandem instructor, who during the whole jump takes care about your safety and has everything under control. The tandem parachute jump has today become kind of a tourist thing, which itself speaks in favor of the safety of such jumps.

Capturing the jump

The tandem skydiving experience

Can more of us be recorded at the same time?

Unfortunately not. Only one tandem pair is filmed. Our air cameraman would have to be faster than a bullet to manage to fly between two tandem pairs and record both of them. The only person we know that is faster than a speeding bullet is Superman. Well, until he comes and works for us, only one tandem pair at a (shooting) time. 🙂

What’s the difference between being filmed by an additional, air cameraman and with a handi-cam attached to the tandem instructor’s hand?

Having an air cameraman means that, along with you and the instructor, another skydiver pops from the plane and this one has a camera on his head. This is an option we recommend if you want to have a broader perspective of your jump, landscape and surroundings.

Handy-cam camera option means that your entire jump record your instructor, with a wide-angle lens. Your tandem instructor will capture some priceless, first-hand, moments like your first reactions to opening of the door, parachute opening and flight under a parachute.

Let’s talk about the weather

What if the weather is bad?

It’s very simple – if the weather is bad, we do not jump. If this happens on your booked date, we will postpone the jump and book you a new date that suits you.

What kind of weather conditions affect tandem skydiving?

Skydiving is a sport that largely depends on the weather. If there is strong wind and big clouds coverage, most likely we will not jump until the weather calms down and improve. In case of bad weather on your tandem jump day, you can rebook a next date that will suit you.

Can we all jump at the same time?

The plane has room for two jumpers, two tandem instructor and a pilot, so, in total, 5 people. If desired and if the circumstances allow it, of course that we can put you on the jump along with your friend, partner or a family member.

What does the free fall feel like?

Maybe you think that you will experience some tremendous sense of falling. Free fall is really like floating in the air, where you have the whole world in your palm. You actually don’t have the feeling of falling, not the one you’re used to when you, for example, stumble and fall. This is an amazing and truly unique feeling that you just have to try to truly know. And if you are wondering can you breathe during the free fall? YES you can! The air will be fresher than ever before!

Is there a hitch when the parachute opens and how’s the landing?

For tandem parachute jump we use a parachute that has the shape and the construction of a wing. The parachute opens gradually, so there is no hitch. It is a feeling very similar to a sudden, controlled braking.

The speed of 200 km/h is reduced to approximately 50 km/h in 8 seconds. During the landing, there is no impact. When landing, the tandem parachute instructor slows down and lands you both softly, as a bird!:)

Is it cold up there?

On the plane and during the flight you’ll not be cold. When the door is opened and during the free fall you will feel the rush of fresh air, but trust us – it won’t be freezing and you’ll be too overwhelmed to even think about it. 🙂

How long does the free fall last?

Free fall lasts 10 to 60 seconds, depending on the height from which you jump. The average speed of free fall is 200 km/h and we achieve it 5 – 7 seconds after jumping out of the plane.

After opening the parachute and during the parachute flight, the horizontal speed is about 20 – 50 km/h, and the vertical speed of deterioration is 15 – 30 km/h, depending on the parachute steering.

What if we get up there and I decide that don’t want to jump after all?

We must admit that such a thing has not happened yet, at least not during our working experience. However, if it does happen, if indeed for some reason you decide you do not want to jump, don’t worry, we won’t throw you out of the plane:) We will land back safely, but unfortunately, in this case there is no refund of the payment.

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