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Skydive Adria is a project of Aeroclub Slobodan Pad which was established with mission of promoting Parachuting sport as well as Croatian tourism along the Adriatic coast in the way of performing tandem parachute jumps for everyone who shows interest and decides to become members of our club.The project was launched in 2012. and since then is successfully realized on various locations in Croatia. We base our activities on performing Tandem Skydive jumps, which are the easiest, quickest and safest way to experience Freefall while reaching a terminal velocity of 200 km/h, and also the best way for beginners and everyone interested to experience the thrill of skydiving.

So, get ready for adrenaline rush, experience Croatia from above, jump with us and let the new life full of adventures begin.

The Tandem Skydive experience!

Tandem skydive is the easiest, quickest and safest way to experience freefall. You´re jumping out of a perfectly good airplane connected and  together with a certified tandem skydive instructor  who will take care of you during the whole jump sequence so you can relax and enjoy the whole experience. You will reach a terminal velocity of 200 km/h and your life will get another dimension.

Quick guide on your Tandem Skydive experience!

1. How does this sky-high adventure begin?


Your incredible adventure starts with a short intro to the basics of parachuting and geeting all the info on the course of the jump, as well as geeting to know us, the people how will lead your way all the way across the sky. We want you to feel comfortable, trust us and feel safe while „not feeling safe“.

In about 15 minutes we will prepare you for your skydive. Under the supervision of our experienced and specially certified instructors, you can be really be carefree - we take care of you throughout the jump.

2. First things first!


The first step towards the jump is getting to know the team and filling the accession. After that, one of our instructors starts to prepare you for the tandem jump. You get our team jumpsuit, a helmet and goggles and the instructor puts on the system connection. After another quick briefing for the jump, you are ready to go.

Just one more thing before geeting on the plane – say a few words to the camera. If you want, we'll give you and felt-tip pen to put a message on your palms for everyone who will see your skydiving afterwards.

3. Take off & flight


After the boarding we fly high, enjoying the view and feeling the rush of what's to come. To the clouds and back, we will fly on our Cessna 182 Delta-Tango-Delta, a plane specially adapted for parachuting activities. You will be able to enjoy the panoramic flight for approximately 20 minutes. After that, time will start to go faster.
Your instructor will tie you to himself, give you a few more instructions and then the gates of heaven, that is – gates of the plane, will open.

4. You are ready to jump!


Sure, it is easy for us to say, but knowing that your tandem instructor is an experienced athlete and a professional who has had thousand jumps and hundreds of passengers, should provide a feeling of safety. Everything you need to do now is to listen to your instructor and dive in to an unforgettable, totally inspiring and very liberating experience of you first tandem jump!
You and the instructor, tied together as Siamese twins, jump from the plane.

5. The Freefall


You start falling through the sky. No words to describe this experience.
The free fall lasts about from 20 to 50 seconds, depending on the height from which the jump was made.

After the free fall, comes the „controlled fall“, that is, the instructor opens up the parachute and you enjoy floating in the sky for about 10 minutes. The instructor will even give you the opportunity to manage the parachute, do turns and simply – have a blast! So, enjoy the view, goof around, get all crazy for the camera...

6. The landing & aftermath


After the instructor provides a soft landing, we congratulate you on an excellently performed tandem skydibe and deliver your diploma for your successful first parachute tandem skydive jump!

What happens after that?
An enormous desire to repeat this experience appears!

What they say about us

If it´s not recorded, it didn´t happen ... we got you covered and will record your tandem skydive freefall adventure with a razor sharp HD digital camera and will send you he footage right away via a link. We guarantee you will make everyone jelaous with this footage not to mention that you will be able to relive your freefall adventure whenever you want together with your friends and family.

Ground Shots     

Our team will record every moment of your jump preparation such as gearing up and jump briefing, as well as going on an unforgettable experience, posing in front of the airplane, landing and handing the diploma. In this option you will get approximately 30 digital photos in the above mentioned moments.

Handycam    +  

Handycam features shots from the moment you go to the airplane, take off, fly the plane, the panoramic view from the plane, and the most important part - your jump from the plane and the free fall, followed by the opening of the parachute, flying under the parachute, landing and your first impressions after the jump. You will get a specially edited video of about 6 minutes with music and effects and about 300+ (Yes! So many, three hundred!) HD digital photos of your tandem skydive experience. The advantage of the handycam option is that we will also record the moment of flying under the parachute.

Camera Flyer    +  

Camera flyer is an option that includes an additional camera flyer skydiver who is jumping alongside you and captures the entire operation in a free fall. In addition to capturing a beautiful view from bird's perspective, you will also have a good company while free falling and he will share HI5 with you during the jump. A phenomenal film that will bring you the full amount of experience whenever you look at it. In this option you will receive a video of about 6 minutes as well as 100 digital HD photos.

What do you get?

Beside an awesome experience of freedom and completely different point of view your tandem skydive experience includes:




2,000 HRK / 263 EUR


*MAX FREEFALL option – experience  up to 50 seconds of freefall  on a jump from up to 3500 meters for only 350 kn / 45 EUR additionally
*persons with weight of 80 kg or more have to pay a surcharge of 200 kn / 27 EUR

Give it away! 

Whether it is for a birthday, anniversary, a wedding gift, a gift to your business partner or just a surprise gift for someone special. why not give something really special, why not provide an experience?

Surprise someone for real! Gift something they will never forget! We’ll help you provide the experience for that joyful occasion!

The gift voucher includes a tandem skydive from the chosen height.

USPA – United States Parachute Association represents with its over 30.000 skydiver members the largest skydiving association in the world. USPA promotes the most advanced teaching methods, sport techniques and safety procedures which is the most important element in skydiving. Skydive Adria (aka Aeroclub Slobodan Pad) is a proud member of USPA, being the only one in Croatia to provide all skydive teaching methods  (Tandem, AFF, Static line and IAD) according to strict and demanding USPA standards. USPA gives special attention towards safety aspects in skydiving and we   have a SAFETY AND TRAINING ADVISOR appointed by USPA who responsible for safety standards in our activities. You can find out more about USPA here.

Why jump with us?

SAFETY COMES FIRST – The parachutes and skydiving equipment that we use are TSO - CERTIFIED which ensures high quality of manufacturing and safety which is priority number one in this activity + we also have specially certified and approved equipment for tandem jumps.

We are the FIRST and  ONLY skydiving operation in Croatia that holds a USPA (United states parachute association's) group member certificate and being the only one in Croatia that provides all skydive teaching methods  (Tandem, AFF, Static line and IAD) according to strict and demanding USPA standards.

RICH EXPERIENCE–Our instructors are the most experienced tandem instructors in Croatia and have internationally recognized tandem licences and ratings.

We use strong parachute equipment which are the best one because of its excellent system design, the safety features and excellent performance.

SPECIALLY MODIFIED AIRPLANE - Our operation in Croatia has EASA specially modified airplane for skydive activities - which means that you won't be freezing on the plane and you don't have to be afraid of falling out, at least not before the scheduled free fall.

THE BEST CONDITIONS - Maybe we can't guarantee the weather conditions, but we do provide the best skydiving conditions when the weather is favorable - safety, pick up, footage, friendly instructors and last but not least, lots of fun for the best price!

Meet our Skydive Adria team

Darko Tupek - club president
  • First jump:  1997.
  • Total jump no. :  4000+
  • Ratings and licences: 
  • USPA D licence, USPA - AFF - S/L - IAD - TANDEM instructor, pilot, rigger, B.A.S.E. jumper, 
Matevž - instructor
  • First jump:  
  • Total jump no. :  
  • Ratings and licences:  
Denis - instructor
  • First jump:  
  • Total jump no. :  
  • Ratings and licences:  
Nikola - pilot
  • First flight:
  • Total flight hours:
  • Ratings and licences:  
Fahed - pilot
  • First flight:
  • Total flight hours:
  • Ratings and licences:  
Dalibor - pilot
  • First flight:
  • Total flight hours:
  • Ratings and licences:  
Ivan - ground crew / packer
Damir - ground crew / packer
office & manifest
PR & promotion
Airplane Cessna 182 K, 9A-DTD
  • Engine type, power:  Piston, 230 HP
  • Max. Jump altitude: 3500 meters
  • Max. persons: 1 Pilot + 4 skydivers
Helicopter Eurocopter Allouette II
  • Engine type, power: Turbine, 450 HP
  • Max. Altitude: 4500 metara

Still scared? Drop us a question!

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